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Project Overview

Sticky Ricky’s, bringing authentic made-to-order Cajun cuisine to hungry Calgarians, started as one of the city’s first food trucks. A joint venture by father/daughter team Rick and Victoria Stitt, this business combined the Red Seal talent and experience of Chef Rick and the entrepreneurial “savvy” of Victoria to bring the taste of New Orleans to YYC.

With over 40 years of experience as an executive chef to some of the west coast’s leading kitchens, Chef Rick wanted to get out of the traditional kitchen, cook delicious authentic cajun food, and connect with the people he feeds! A food truck was the perfect solution! With plans to expand the brand in 2017, offering take home meals and authentic sauces and seasonings, Sticky Ricky’s knew it was time to establish a recognizable brand that combined the tradition of New Orleans and the upbeat personality of the Stitt family.


As part of the Sticky Ricky’s experience, a custom illustration was designed to clearly demonstrate the character and personality of the Stitt family. These rules serve the purpose of explaining all of the questions they receive during their food truck season by answering them in a humorous and visual way. These “Rules” intend on being the backbone of what makes Sticky Ricky’s truly unique in food and experience and will provide guidance to future employees or even the partners for years to come. 

Fully Responsive
Content Managed Website

To date most food trucks in Calgary market their services online using, as a business, has become the central booking agent for food trucks in the city and provides promotional assistance for many start-ups. The goal of the Sticky Ricky’s website is to create a fully interactive, geo-locating tool for loyal customers (and curious new foodies) to find them on the go! In addition, the website will serve as the online store for all retail products and authentic Cajun take home meals, beverages and baked goods.

Aside from being fully-responsive, with an easy-to-use CMS for easy updating of the current food truck location, the website needed to set a new standard for food truck websites. With more and more food trucks entering the market in Calgary, it had to catch the attention of people looking for a unique food experience in the city.